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    Emily Rendell, Principal of Rendell Homes and sister company Eye For Style Design has a proven record of delivering quality homes and cottages. Rendell Homes was the recent recipient of two 2022 Peak Awards for Most Outstanding New Homes from the Nova Scotia Home Builder’s Association.

     Rendell Homes Designed by Emily has been an evolving business since 2001. With a combined construction education and design background, Founder, Emily Rendell is able to offer a unique service to her clients. These cross over assets enable Rendell Homes to provide complete custom home design from initial concept, through to the final build.

      Rendell Homes has developed strong working relationships with its trades, allowing a harmonious interaction and flexibility during the design and build process. These trades have been carefully selected and nurtured for their quality, attention to detail and ability to deliver the overall design vision for the projects.

     With a special talent for adding visual and character value to her designs, Emily has built her business on exceeding client expectations.

     Emily gained the respect of the construction industry through her combined design and construction background. Her ability to deliver notable and exceptional homes aligns with the overall goal of the QEII Foundation in creating an excitement in the community surrounding the end goal of supporting health care in our province.

     Our most recent completed projects include custom delivered houses from Cape Breton to PEI, Barrington Passage to Chester Basin and the Annapolis Valley to Halifax. Given her strong construction knowledge, Rendell Homes has designed and built homes using Passive Home, ICF and the Standard Construction approach, as well as remodels, commercial projects, renovations and historical property restorations.

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